There will never be such a good Meet Magento Serbia conference without good space and cosy surrounding. For the second year in a row, the event is happening at “Tami Residence” Hotel in Niš. The hotel is, at the same time, the biggest congress centre (Constantinus Palace) in Southern Serbia with wonderful panorama view. It’s only 2 kilometres away from the city centre, in the quiet neighbourhood. For its guests, the hotel provides free parking.

Why did we choose City of Niš to be home of Meet Magento Serbia conference?

City of Niš is well-known as a birthplace of Roman Emperor Constantine III. It is at the crossroads between the West and the East. Rich in history, the city has numerous monuments from the antique period, but also from medieval times, when the Ottoman Empire was on the Balkans. The most famous monument from that period is definitely the Skull Tower.
Besides its history, City of Niš is famous in extraordinary gastronomic experience. Literally, there isn’t a place where food is not delicious. Some of the specialties are: barbecue and rich local cuisine.

As people of Niš like to hangout and have fun, many places guarantee great time during the day, but also during the night. Having in mind the prices, our international guests seem the most happy ones 🙂

So, how to reach City of Niš and come to #mm17rs?

By Car:
Highway E75: From Belgrade (Subotica-Novi Sad-Beograd-Niš)
Highway E75: From Skopje (Skopje-Leskovac-Niš)
Highway E70: From Zagreb

By Plane:
Airport “Konstantin Veliki” Niš
Airport “Nikola Tesla” Beograd (250 km from Niš)
Airport “Aleksandar Veliki” Skopje (216 km from Niš)
Airport Sofia (181 km from Niš)