The basics of successful campaigns that result in real buyers

Maja Terzić | Digital Marketing Strategist Deichmann

June 23, 2017 | 12:30 - 13:00 o' clock | Meet Magento RS 2017 » BUSINESS Track

Where is our audience and what they are doing right now? How do I make them buy from us and return to our shop?

How do we build our audience and upgrade our sales funnel through different stories, campaigns? How do we attract relevant audience – the one that will buy in the end? It does not matter, what platform you are using –  web page, shop or blog, social networks, e-books, videos, digital influencers, web campaigns, or anything else to build your audience. You should be asking yourself, whether you are using a platform your audience is using along with an appropriate communication & budget mix to achieve the goals you are aiming for. In the end the only thing that will differentiate your campaigns from your rivals will be the answer to the question – was your story heard, repeated, has it maybe even gone viral and more importantly – did it result in sales and brand image.

Learn how to tackle your own audience using appropriate tools and communication and find out all about do’s and don’ts when building a digital sales/marketing campaign.