Meet Magento conference is dedicated to Magento – one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms in the world.
The conference itself is part of Meet Magento Association, now supported by Magento, Inc. City of Niš is also on the map of all Meet Magento conferences worldwide.

The story begins in 2009 in German town Leipzig, hometown of Meet Magento Germany. Thomas (Netresearch, GER) and Guido (Dutchento, NL) came to an idea to organize Meet Magento conference – besides standard Meet Magento Association’s activities. From then on, the whole idea gets a new value. Since 2012, Meet Magento conference acts like a franchise.

Two years ago, we thought it might be a good idea that Younify hosts Meet Magento Serbia. As a company (HQ in Niš, Serbia) that, for the last 10 years, successfully builds profitable Magento e-commerce solutions, we thought that it’s about time to bring more life to e-commerce scene in Serbia and, therefore, help its development.

Meet Magento Serbia is not designed only for people working in Magento, but it is open to all who are interested to know more about e-commerce or meet the industry leaders. This conference is an ideal opportunity for networking with other e-commerce companies, but also with merchants who already have a lot of experience with online sales in Serbia and the region. Also, Meet Magento Serbia is the place where you will meet different service providers (Magento extension developers, marketing agencies, full service internet agencies, etc.). After the official part, all participants are invited to a cocktail party, which we organize for fun, but also further networking.

The first Meet Magento Serbia edition welcomed around 120 participants from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Netherlands and USA. If we consider participants and speakers’ impressions, the atmosphere was pretty “romantic”, i.e. the entire conference had a kind of emotional note compared to other conferences in the region. The event was held in “Tami Residence Hotel, Constantinus Palace Congress Centre” in Niš, together with the after party. Some of the speakers were: Ben Marks, Magento evangelist; professor Cor Molenaar, leading e-commerce expert from the Netherlands; Jelena Radovanović, Magento team lead of Younify; Miroslav Varga, Google AdWords and online advertizing expert.

You can see the atmosphere from the last year’s event in the short aftermovie uploaded to our YouTube channel.